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Star Realms - Express Tiered League:  King of the Kill


The aim of this endeavor is to combine the structure and progress of a tiered league like the BGG Star Realms League and the Facebook Tier League, into the frequent wave framework popularized by King of the Cosmos and used during the brief run of Star Realm Gladiators.

Players will start at an Entry Tier, and have the opportunity to climb to higher tiers. Divisions will be small and fast, utilizing the simultaneous all-play-all round-robin structure that Star Realms Cup has used, but with single game matches like the other tiered leagues. Individual divisions will be asynchronous from one another, removing season-based overhead.


The League will begin empty and grow over time. Players who wish to participate will signup by contacting CrankyDay with the some basic information, and will be placed into an entry-level division. The league will utilize Challonge, with some informational updates and banter taking place within the PBF section of the Star Realms forums on BGG:   Star Realms XTL - Forum Thread

In general, each division will be 6 players, with a wave starting once the division has been filled with competitors from the queue associated with the given tier (and all have accepted the challonge invitation). Each player will play the other players within the division using a set format, and will be expected to finish all of the games within about a week. In general, the top player will be promoted to the next higher tier, and in non-entry-level tiers, up to two players will be relegated to the next lower tier. The remaining players will be eligible to compete again in the same tier.

Once enough players have earned promotion at a given tier, the first division of a new higher tier will launch, creating an expanding ladder of tiers for one to climb though. When tiers are created, they will go through several phases depending on their position in the ladder. Each tier will have a charter establishing the specifics of divisions within that tier (how it differs from the generic description above), and may change over time as additional tiers are established above it.


Rules and Expectations:

Players will generally be expected to own all of the expansion content, though use of Gambits and Events will be restricted to Tier-02 and above, and will only be used if a majority of competitors in a division (4 of 6) have requested to play with that expansion. Players with any limitations to this expectation should inform me during initial sign-up -- accommodations will attempt to be made, but will very likely increase a player’s wait time between waves.

A player may choose to take a break at any time by informing the organizer before the end of their current wave. The tier that the player would next be scheduled to compete in will be noted, and the player will be eligible to participate in that tier when they choose to return.

Entry level divisions will for the most part play type-BF, with 1B, B, or V divisions occasionally mixed in to accommodate players who do not own both expansions. Once a player has earned promotion out of Tier-00, they will be contacted to provide a ranked list of their preferences. Potential formats will mostly consist of (BF, 1BF, BFH, & 1BHF), though accommodating formats will also be mixed in (V, B, & 1B). In general, a division’s format will be dictated by a compromise of player preferences.

As players earn promotion out of Tier-01, they will be contacted again regarding their interest in playing with Gambits and/or Events, and may give an updated list of preferences with these included. Likely candidates will be (A, 1BEHF, 1BEF, BEF, G1BHF, G1BF, GBF), and potentially others.


This league will use the same tiebreaker system used in the BGG Star Realms League, first comparing head to head results of tied players, and in cases of unresolved multi-way ties, compare records against the next highest player(s) not involved in the tie for promotion, or next lowest player(s) for relegation. If a multi-way tie is reduced to two players, the head to head result will be the deciding factor. Because divisions are small, it is possible that these procedures will not be sufficient to break all ties, in which case tiebreaker games may be played.

Signing Up:

Players wishing to participate must contact CrankyDay with the following information:

- Star Realms IGN

- Challonge user name

- Preferred format (e.g. 1BHF)

- Limitations (expansions not owned)